In Transit

Statement from the In Transit website ( May 7th 2019):

"Welcome to In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning , a collective product of the teaching faculty and staff of LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York. This website accompanies a regularly published print-based journal, inaugurated in Fall 2005.

In Transit symbolizes LaGuardia's growing engagement with the scholarship of teaching and learning, an emerging field in higher education. Whether you are a member of LaGuardia or an interested guest, we thank you for your interest in this field. We hope you regard the journal (and this site) as a standing invitation to be a part of this exciting effort, to learn with other faculty, to share your insights, and join a vibrant conversation about pedagogy and practice.

Published by the LaGuardia Center for Teaching & Learning, In Transit has been inspired by the pioneering work of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and launched with seed money from the national Visible Knowledge Project. It has been sustained by the commitment of LaGuardia President Gail O. Mellow and Provost Paul Arcario, and by the creative energy of LaGuardia's exciting faculty. We are pleased to acknowledge the vital importance of this collective body of support."