68° North: A Visual Journey Through the Alaskan Wilderness

A select group of Commercial Photography students spent July 2016 on a study away experience in the state of Alaska. The group was led by LaGuardia faculty members, Scott Sternbach and Lidiya Kan.

While in Alaska, LaGuardia students studied and explored the environment as well as the effects of climate change on the community. By meeting with local indigenous people, they were able to experience their culture and understand the people’s relationship to their natural surroundings. The entirety of this unique trip was documented by each student through photography and video.

68° North was made possible with generous support from Chris and Zoe Craymer.

Photographers: Lauren Auerbach, Pilar Finch, Maria Hernandez, Paul Howard, Allison Minto,George Mohr, Gabriel Ponte-Fleary, Enrique Rosas, Gianni Sanchez, MachiVersano, Matthew Vicari and Annie Wu

Curators: Lidiya Kan, Javier Larenas and Scott Sternbach